Idris Elba Wants Trilogy From Yardie

  • 22 August 2018

Idris Elba wants to make a ''Jamaican 'Godfather' trilogy'' out of his new movie 'Yardie'.

The 45-year-old actor made his directorial debut on the crime drama film - which is set to hit cinema screens in the UK on Friday (24.08.18) - and says he would be on board with creating at least two more instalments of the story.

'Yardie' is set in London in the 1980s and centres on the life of a young Jamaican man named D, who embarks on a bloody, explosive quest for retribution after the death of his brother, and Idris believes the ''rich'' Jamaican culture would lend itself to ''more material''.

When asked if there are plans for a sequel, Idris said: ''Listen, originally I thought this could be, you know, sort of a Jamaican 'Godfather' trilogy. There is definitely a lot of story behind it. Jamaican culture is rich and far reaching in the world so I definitely feel like there could be more material, yeah.''

Despite the Hollywood star knowing his way around a film set, he admits he did feel the nerves taking on his first feature film directing role, as he knew the pressure was on him to make the right decisions.

Speaking to talkRADIO, he said: ''I'd sat in on many sets, but never had I sat in a set where the absolute buck stops at me. You know? 'Is it green or is it red Idris?' Hmm. And that decision is permanent, so that was a bit nerve-wracking for sure.''

The movie is an adaptation of the 1992 debut novel by Jamaican-born British writer Victor Headley of the same name, and was filmed in both London and Jamaica for seven weeks.

Speaking previously about filming the project, Idris said: ''I am interested in making human stories with characters that are either full of grace or flawed.

''In 'Yardie' the audience will see a film that hopefully means something to the people.

''I'm honoured to be able to shoot it in my hometown of London and as a guest in Jamaica.''