Sir Paul McCartney's New Single 'Fuh You' Is A 'raunchy Love Song'

  • 16 August 2018

Sir Paul McCartney's new single 'Fuh You' is a ''raunchy love song.''

The 76-year-old rocker dropped his new song on Wednesday (15.08.18) afternoon and he has admitted it's very different from any other track featured on his forthcoming album 'Egypt Station', which will be released next month, but it just ''came together bit by bit'' until he had a story to go along with the melody and chords.

He said: ''With this one I was in the studio with [producer] Ryan Tedder whereas the rest of the album has been made with Greg Kurstin...

''We were just thinking of ideas and little pieces of melody and chords and the song just came together bit by bit. And then I would try and make some kind of sense of the story. So it was like 'Come on baby now. Talk about yourself. Tell the truth, let me get to know you' and basically I wanna know how you feel, you make me wanna go out and steal. I just want it for you.' So that was the basic idea and it developed from there... sort of a love song, but a raunchy love song. There you go - fuh you.''

This is the third single the Beatles legend has released from 'Egypt Station' - having previously dropped 'I Don't Know' and 'Come on To Me' - ahead of September 7.

He said of the title of his album: ''I liked the words 'Egypt Station.' It reminded me of the 'album' albums we used to make... 'Egypt Station' starts off at the station on the first song and then each song is like a different station.

''So it gave us some idea to base all the songs around that. I think of it as a dream location that the music emanates from.''

Paul recently admitted he opted to make a concept album because he didn't think he could compete with the likes of pop stars Taylor Swift and Beyonce.

He explained: ''These days you have the big stars like Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar, particularly the first two, their songs are a collection of singles.

''They are all great commercial tracks but it doesn't roll through like a Pink Floyd album used to, or a Fleetwood Mac album.

''So I thought, well, I can't compete with that Taylor Swift thing, she's got better legs than me! But maybe what I can do is do what used to be called a concept album, an album that if you want you can listen the whole way through and it should roll through and take you somewhere.''