Justin Timberlake 'so In Love' With Jessica Biel

  • 27 July 2018

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are ''really in love''.

The 37-year-old musician and the 'Sinner' star - who have three-year-old son Silas together - have been married for six years, and their romance is showing no signs of slowing down, as sources say the pair are as loved-up as ever, and are ''so strong right now''.

An insider said: ''Justin and Jessica are really in love, and their marriage is so strong right now. Even with Silas, they still make their relationship with each other a major priority and have fun with each other.''

Jessica, 36, and Silas are currently accompanying the 'Say Something' hitmaker across the globe on his 'Man of the Woods Tour', and the family couldn't be happier to share their love of music with each other.

The source added: ''Music plays a huge role in their relationship. They love singing together. Jessica actually has a beautiful singing voice. And they'll even dance on the table together at their house!''

But despite being out on tour, Justin isn't bothered about ''partying and hanging out'' until late at night, as he'd much rather spend his time with his family.

The insider told Us Weekly magazine: ''When it's family time off stage, he's 100 percent dad. Gone is the partying and hanging out until all hours of the night. Justin is a very different man this tour around. He has been a family man.''

Meanwhile, it isn't the first time sources have spoken fondly about the couple's bond, as back in January, it was claimed the pair work so well together because they're ''best friends''.

A source said at the time: ''Jessica and Justin are true best friends and that's why they work so well. They love spending time together. They don't have to be doing much, but they are still laughing and having a good time.''