Christina Aguilera's Daughter Is A Critic

  • 15 June 2018

Christina Aguilera's daughter isn't a fan of her singing.

The 'Beautiful' hitmaker may be a global star but her talents aren't appreciated by three-year-old Summer - who she has with partner Rutler - who doesn't like it when her mother's vocals stop her from enjoying her favourite TV shows.

Christina said in an interview with 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon': ''When I'm doing my vocal warm-ups, she slams the door and goes, 'You're interrupting Peppa Pig!' It's hilarious.''

The 37-year-old singer - who also has 10-year-old Max with ex-husband Jordan Bratman - is preparing for her 'Liberation' tour, her first concert series in 10 years and she admitted she has been hesitant about getting back on the road because of her children.

She said: ''The last time I was on tour, I was pregnant with my son onstage, so I was about to give birth.

''At a certain point I had to stop touring for safety reasons. You get to a certain point [where] you have to stop.

''Ever since then I was like, 'How do people do this with kids and touring?' But, you know, it's time for mama to get back to what I was born to do.''

With the release of her new album, also called 'Liberation', the 'Genie in a Bottle' hitmaker - who sought Kanye West to produce her track 'Accelerate', which features 2 Chainz and Ty Dolla $ign - hopes to send a positive message and inspire her fans.

She said: ''I just felt it was time for myself to be liberated, to inspire others to have their own voice, to feel empowered and hopefully inspired to take the duct tape off, feel themselves, feel secure in their own voice, their bodies, peel off their masks and shed the skin.''