Travis Scott Responds To Lawsuit Over Cancelled Concert

  • 18 April 2018

Travis Scott has filed a counter-suit after missing a pre-Super Bowl concert just days after the birth of his daughter.

The 25-year-old rapper - whose girlfriend Kylie Jenner, 20, gave birth to their baby Stormi on February 1 - was hit by a lawsuit from promoters PJAM for allegedly failing to show up for a gig at Myth Live nightclub near Minneapolis, one day before Super Bowl LII on February 4, but he has now filed a response in which he insisted he axed the show because the company failed to provide transportation to get him to the event.

In a statement, law firm King, Holmes, Paterno & Soriano, LLP, told E! News: ''Three wannabe promoters--Alex Martini, Jefferson Agar and Patrick Johnston, and their company PJAM, contracted with Travis Scott to appear at a February 4 show under terms they had no financial ability to satisfy - even completely failing to arrange to get him to and from the event as required.

''In an obvious effort to shake Travis down and avoid the consequences of their breaches, they filed a spurious lawsuit while spreading specious falsehoods in the press.''

While the statement added that Travis is sorry to any fans who were left disappointed by the cancelled show, the firm insisted PJAM should have also offered an apology.

It continued: ''Rather than suing, these so-called promoters should have apologised and taken responsibility for their inability to provide the agreed-upon transportation.

''Instead of pursuing a misguided attempt to spin the narrative and salvage their tattered reputation, the responsible step would have been for PJAM to pay Travis the balance of his fee and move on to their next opportunity.

''Travis would have preferred to resolve the failures of the promoters privately and cooperatively. Their election to go public has left Travis no option other than to seek the balance of the fees owing.''

It comes after PJAM insisted that ''despite his contractual obligations, [Travis] refused to show up for the event'', and claimed they paid him $150,000 in advance and put on a private jet for the hip hop star to fly him to Las Vegas for another gig.