Calvin Harris Sneaks British Fans Into Shows

  • 06 April 2018

Calvin Harris has admitted he sometimes allows fans from the UK to sneak into his Las Vegas shows without a ticket.

The 34-year-old musician and DJ hails from Dumfries in Scotland, and has revealed that when he plays his legendary sets in the American city of Las Vegas, visiting Brits can sometimes manage to talk their way into the show without having bought a ticket.

He said: ''At my gigs, it actually helps to be British. The guy who does the door is from the UK as well. So, he gets people coming up from the UK and be like, 'Ahh I'm from Bournemouth' and he's like, 'Ah go on then.''

The 'Feels' hitmaker is currently making a triumphant return to dance music after exploring other genres, and has admitted he is ''obsessed'' with the style once again.

He said: ''As of right now, I absolutely love dance music, I'm obsessed with it again, because for a minute there I wasn't, so I went and did something else. Right now, I just want to make dance music, it's just very natural to me and it's fun again, I think I just needed to take a little year break and just mess around, that's what I did but now I'm bang on it, I'm loving it again. It's great.''

And when he's not sneaking people into his shows, the star is working hard on writing and producing songs for other people.

Most recently, Calvin worked on a new track for Dua Lipa entitled 'One Kiss', and he has said he's ''really happy'' with how the song has turned out.

Speaking on UK radio station KISS, Calvin said: ''Rule number one was I wanted the song to be amazing, rule number two was I wanted her to write a lot of it, because I like her lyrics. Rule number three was I wanted it to be just us, no weird engineers, I wanted it to be in my studio, I wanted there to be just good energy and to get a great vibe out of her. And definitely succeeded, I think she sounds amazing on this. I'm really, really happy with how it turned out.''