Orbital Set To Play At Hacienda Classical's Shows

  • 21 March 2018

Orbital are to star at Hacienda Classical's shows in London on June 15 and in Bedfordshire on September 2.

The English electronic duo - who consist of brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll - will become the first of the very special guests for Hacienda Classical's shows at 2018's Heritage Live Concerts at Kenwood House and later, at Wrest Park.

Their upcoming appearances mark a stark contrast to the circumstances in which the pair first achieved success - at abandoned warehouses during the 1990s.

Orbital reformed in 2017 and have subsequently sold out venues across the UK and Europe, where they've been entertaining audiences with their distinctive sound.

The EDM duo originally parted ways in 2004, but subsequently reformed and split again a number of times.

But following their last reunion in 2017, Paul admitted that it felt ''great'' to have his ''old job back''.

Speaking about their reunion, he explained: ''It doesn't feel like that. It's passed in the blink of an eye. The last time we stopped was 2012.

''However, the time has been filled with solo gigs, solo albums, film scores, so never a dull moment. To be honest, it's nice to have my old job back.''

Paul said that, for the group, it was just a matter of letting things work themselves out before returning to work.

He said: ''It's been five years of growing older and wiser. It's always great to have a break. Leaving problems to sort themselves out, solving those riddles.

''At that time we couldn't work together any more, I was tired and couldn't see a way forward so I ploughed on with my own project and then found the head space to look at Orbital again. The vibrancy never died it just needed pausing and then reinvigorating when the time was right.''