Six Million Dollar Man Set To Release Next Year

  • 05 March 2018

'Six Million Dollar Man' is set for release next year.

Mark Wahlberg's reboot of the 1970s TV series was thought to be hitting the big screen at the end of 2017 but, when that date came and went, fans began to wonder whether the adaptation, in which the actor was attached to star, was still going ahead.

However, fans can now breathe a sigh of relief as, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. has given the blockbuster the release date of May 31, 2019.

Warner Bros. bought the rights to the project from the Weinstein Company last year and bosses at the studio are hoping filming can get underway as quickly as possible.

Damian Szifron, who penned the adaptation, has jumped onboard as director after replacing Peter Berg, while TWC- Dimension will produce the forthcoming film.

Wahlberg, 46, will star as astronaut Steve Austin, who is badly injured in the crash of an experimental lifting body aircraft, in the movie.

The space crew member is ''rebuilt'', with both legs and his left eye being replaced with bionic implants that enhance his strength and speed, in a scheme costing six million dollars.

Using his enhanced abilities, Steve lands a job working for the Office of Scientific Intelligence (OSI) as a secret agent.

He said of his role: ''I'm thrilled to assemble 'The Six Billion Dollar Man' for the big screen. We look forward to creating a Steve Austin for the 21st century.''

The rest of the cast is yet to be announced.