Pharrell Williams Is 'honoured' To Work With Chanel On New Shoe Line

  • 23 November 2017

Pharrell Williams felt ''honoured'' to collaborate with Chanel on a footwear line.

The 44-year-old singer teamed up with the French label's creative director Karl Lagerfeld on an exclusive range of trainers, which dropped on Tuesday (21.11.17), and the musician thinks it is ''cool'' the fashion house have ''jumped out the window'' to create a product with him.

Speaking to about the partnership, the 'Happy' hitmaker said: ''You could say that it was, but I didn't think that. I just was happy to try it, you know. I've been honoured to just work with them as long as we have, doing all the different things that we have, and to have them jump out the window and do sneakers with me was so cool.''

Pharrell - who has previously modelled for the designer label - came up with ''five designs'', which Karl, 84, then whittled down to ensure the 'Frontin' stars ideas were in keeping with the Chanel style.

He continued: ''We picked five different designs and these are the ones that Karl liked, the ones that said 'Chanel' and 'Pharrell', which I was honoured by, because he could have picked any of the other ones that just said 'Chanel.'''

One of Pharrell's creations includes the slogan ''Women's Rights'', which the vocalist decided to include because he thinks it is the ''number one'' topic at the moment.

He explained: ''Well, 'Women's Rights' is, like, the number-one thing, right? You guys deserve to get paid as much as men do. Then there's another message that says: 'God Is the Greatest.' And 'Others First.'''

And Pharrell has admitted he would ''love'' to join forces with the label again in the future and release another collection, although it is dependent on the company.

Asked if he has any other projects with Chanel, he said: ''I think that's up to them. I would love to.''