Alanis Morissette: Giving Birth Was Like Texas Chainsaw Massacre

  • 13 September 2017

Alanis Morissette has likened the birth of her child to 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre'.

The 43-year-old musician gave birth to her daughter Onyx Solace - whom she has with her husband Souleye - 14 months ago via a home birth, and has said the experience was ''terrifying'', and even reminded her of the gory 1970s horror movie.

She said: ''It was terrifying, but then once we heard her, and once she cried [and] I pulled her up and she started breastfeeding, I was just like, 'Ah.' It gets gnarlier and gnarlier. I think the words 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' were used when [my midwife and doula] walked in. It's pretty gnarly, but it's not meant to be all clean and perfect. We are animals.

''It's like an 18-wheeler careening through your whole body. It's beyond pain. I have a high tolerance for pain ... this trumped all.''

Alanis - who also has six-year-old Ever Imre with her spouse - also shared the gruesome details of Onyx's birth, stating that her husband managed to catch their daughter as ''flew out''.

The 'Jagged Little Pill' hitmaker said: ''Souleye caught Onyx. He was coaching me and I was coaching him. [The midwife] came and we were, all three of us, just kind of stunned.

''But I'd seen so many videos of women giving birth in water with dolphins and fields. I knew that the babies, when there's a low-risk birth, come out in whatever way they come out.

''I thought it would take a few hours and it took literally 59 minutes. And she flew out. And then, about half an hour later, everyone stormed in and they had their capes on and they just cleaned up and helped [with] everything. I was just crawling for about two or three weeks because every time I stood up, I was going to pass out.''

Since becoming a mother, the 'Ironic' singer admits she has learned not to judge people so quickly.

She told People magazine: ''Before I was a mom, I had a lot of opinions. I was one of those horrifying younger women who had a lot of opinions for a woman who didn't have a baby. And then, as soon as I had a child, I just shut my mouth and just celebrated any way a child comes into the world, any way a mom wants to do it: 'How can I help?'''