Jamie Oliver Is Crowned UK's Favourite Chef

  • 06 September 2017

Jamie Oliver has been crowned the UK's favourite celebrity chef.

The 42-year-old restaurateur feels ''honoured'' to have been chosen as the nation's culinary king after beating the likes of Gordon Ramsay, James Martin and Joe Wicks to the crown, as well as Mary Berry, Nigella Lawson and Nadiya Hussain.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, he said: ''Wow, what an honour to be voted the nation's favourite chef. There are some great names on this list so it's a joy to sit among them.

''Over the 20 years I've been in the business, there's been a huge shift in the way we buy, cook and eat food.

''For me, if it's created with love and care, food is an amazing tool that has the power to bring people together, so keep cooking and spread the love guys.''

The news that he's bagged the top spot probably won't sit well with his foul-mouthed enemy Gordon as the pair have been at loggerheads for years.

Recalling an occasion when his rival laid into him, Jamie said: ''All my friends and people I work with in TV were very p***** off for me. But it's a bit like going to see someone you love who has dementia who keeps forgetting and then doesn't remember what they've said.

''It doesn't bother me anymore, but it was a lot, he hasn't texted to apologise, I don't know if he does emotion like that.''The UK's favourite chef was chosen as part of a survey carried out by The BBC Good Food Nation in which 5,000 adults delved into the truth behind Britain's food culture

The 2017 list of favourite UK celebrity chefs is as follows:

  1. Jamie Oliver

  2. Gordon Ramsay

  3. Mary Berry

  4. James Martin

  5. Hairy Bikers

  6. Nigella Lawson

  7. Rick Stein

  8. Nadiya Hussain

  9. Tom Kerridge

  10. Joe Wicks