Solange Knowles Quits Twitter

  • 16 August 2017

Solange Knowles has quit Twitter.

The 31-year-old singer has deleted her account on the micro-blogging site in the wake of the white nationalist march in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend, in which one young woman was killed.

Before she quit, Solange issued a plea for help for Takiyah Thompson, who was arrested for tearing down a Confederate statue in North Carolina and Takiyah explained that she did so because she ''was tired of waiting on politicians who could have voted to remove the white supremacist statues years ago''.

Solange tweeted: ''Deleting my Twitter soon, but before I dip, when are we gonna pull up? And what we got to do to get my new hero Takiyah Thompson free? (sic)''.

Solange also shared a powerful message on Instagram about the events in the US.

In a message, which has since been deleted, she wrote: ''been trying to study myself. been trying to practice self preservation during this time and not give racist ugly ass f**k bois who reek of citronella my energy so that I can preserve my spirit to perform this album.

''F**k white supremacist. F**k nazis. F**k your stale ass bland ass monuments. F**k asking folks to be graceful.

''My son's first day of school has been in the midst of seeing these b******t images that still tell him this system was built to be against him.

''How mofos supposed to have a fresh start with education, seeing this s**t? Thinking about demanding he not be required to take 'American History' because its deep dark rooted ugliness continues to live right now, right before our eyes (sic).''