Grace Jones Defends Rider Demands

  • 17 March 2016

The veteran star appeared on French TV show C a Vous on Wednesday (16Mar16) and the presenters quizzed Grace on the list of rider demands she printed in her autobiography I’ll Never Write My Memoirs.

The lengthy requests include six bottles of Cristal Roderer Champagne, three bottles of French red wine and three white, and two dozen unopened "Fines de Claire or Colchester" oysters.

The list was presented onscreen as Grace was sat around a dining table in the studio for the live broadcast. When questioned by one of the hosts whether the reason she had so many requests was to keep up the illusion that she is a big star, Grace defended her requirements, insisting the items listed are essential for her energy levels.

"It's the energy," she says in French. "This (pointing the rider list onscreen), this is my energy, that's it. It gives me strength".

The rider also contained demands for sushi, fresh fruit, six bottles of Coca Cola, 12 bottles of sparkling and spring water, 12 bottles of fresh fruit juice, a mirror and three to four bunches of either lilies or orchids.

The 67-year-old tried shucking the oysters at the table with a special knife she had requested, and when presenter Anne-Sophie Lapix asked why she is so strict about her oysters being unopened, she replies, "I open myself the oysters... That's why I don't like when other people open oysters for me because if someone fails, it's better if it's me."

The rider appeared at the end of her book, which was released in September (15). The list also contains requests for an adjoining dressing room to be stocked with beers, still and sparking water, carbonated drinks, crisps and snacks.