Patti Smith Pays Tribute To Music Legends

  • 08 June 2015

Patti Smith moved people to tears at Field Day in London on Sunday (07.06.15).

The 68-year-old rock star and poet paid tribute to music icons the late Lou Reed, Jimi Hendrix and Brian Jones and performed all of the songs from her first album, 'Horses'.

At the beginning of the song, the singer missed her cue but said: ''I don't do nothing perfect ... I only f**k up perfect.''

The 'Because the Night' hitmaker also insisted she was connecting with the crowds despite wearing shades to protect her eyes from the sun in London's Victoria Park.

She told the crowds: ''I'm not wearing these shades to look cool. It's just, you know ... the sun.''

An activist, Smith couldn't resist using the platform for a dig a capitalism and took a moment to energise the crowd.

She said: ''We are all being f**ked by corporations, by the military. We are free people and we want the world and we want it now!''

The star was a favourite at the festival - which grows bigger every year - and fans took to Twitter to express their joy at watching the idol sing in the sunshine.

One user wrote: ''I've seen some awesome people perform live in my time but Patti Smith blew it out of the water!! She is SO bada*s and incredible. (sic)''