Suede Drummer Simon Gilbert Has Tuberculosis

  • 19 June 2013

Suede drummer Simon Gilbert has been struck down with a bout of tuberculosis.

The British rockers have temporarily recruited former Elastica drummer Justin Welch to keep the beat at Suede's upcoming shows in Denmark and Spain while Gilbert recovers from the infection.

A statement posted on the band's page reads, "We are sorry to report that Simon Gilbert has contracted tuberculosis, a condition that is only treatable with a prolonged period of antibiotics and rest. Because of this he is unlikely to be able to perform with Suede at the forthcoming shows in Copenhagen (Denmark) and Barcelona (Spain). However, both Simon and the band feel that these shows must go on and thus the group will be rehearsing with long-term friend of the band Justin Welch to make sure that this can happen."

The Trash hitmakers add, "Simon wants everyone to know that he is receiving great care and that he is sure that his recovery will be as speedy as possible."