Brett Anderson: 'Suede Are Boring But Better After Reunion'

  • 01 April 2013

Suede frontman Brett Anderson is adamant the reunited rockers are on their best form ever as they have given up their party lifestyle.

The Trash hitmakers split in 2003, just one year after their fifth album A New Morning was panned by critics, but surprised fans when they made the decision to reunite in 2010 for a series of comeback gigs.

Their latest album Bloodsports, released earlier this month (Mar13), is currently in the top ten of the U.K. album charts and the band is insistent that giving up wild living is responsible for their renewed success.

Anderson tells Britain's Daily Star, "We're more focused and professional, which sounds really boring but it makes us better as we know how to channel our energy now.

"In the '90s, a gig was just another moment in the crazy carnival of our day. Now the shows are all we care about - I can't be bothered with the other bulls**t any more.

"I've done all that, and it's a dull cliche anyway, which I'll leave for new bands to find out for themselves. We know our job is to play great shows, which seems unromantic and not very rock and roll, but it means when we're on stage there's fireworks."