Slim Susie - Movie Review

  • 01 November 2005

Rating: 3 out of 5

It's sex, drugs, and Swedes in this absurdist story, which panders to "extreme" sensibilitiy with a wacky, wandering plot, but it does raise itself to amusement and even inventiveness during a few of its brief flashes of brilliance (the best of which involves a suicide via nail gun which goes awry). As for Slim Susie, she barely figures in the story at all. But she's cute, so there's that.

Aka Smala Sussie.

Image caption Slim Susie

Facts and Figures

Year: 2003

Run time: 97 mins

In Theaters: Friday 3rd October 2003

Distributed by: Ground Zero

Production compaines: Svenska Filminstitutet (SFI), Film i Väst, Göta Film, MTV Produktion, Sandrews

Reviews 3 / 5

IMDB: 6.9 / 10

Cast & Crew

Director: Ulf Malmros

Producer: Christer Nilson

Screenwriter: Ulf Malmros, Petteri Nuottimäki

Starring: Tuva Novotny as Susie, Jonas Rimeika as Erik, Björn Starrin as Grits Pölsa, Kjell Bergqvist as Billy Davidsson, Lotta Tejle as Gudrun, Malin Morgan as Sandra, Michael Nyqvist as Mörka Rösten, Lena Dahlman as Gerd, Johan Östling as Micke Tretton (as Johan Andersson), Anders Blomberg as Tore Tumör, Nicky Horn as Davidssons fru, Bengt Alsterlind as Gunnar, Papa Dee as himself

Also starring: Christer Nilson, Ulf Malmros