Aphex Twin - 3 Track Audio From Hangable Auto Bulb Audio Stream

  • 02 November 2005

Release Date: 31st OCTOBER 2005
Cat #: WARPCD138
Format: CD ONLY
Distributor: VITAL

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On a foggy October Monday 10 years ago, in the pretty sleepy town of Sheffield, Warp Records quietly released one of Aphex Twin a.k.a Richard D. James' most innovative works. This was an EP by the name of Hangable Auto Bulb and was followed three months later with HAB volume 2. Much speculation surrounded this mythical 2 part release, which were limited to only a few thousand copies each. The original vinyls have since become extremely rare collectors' items, arguably the most valuable and sought-after of the entire Warp catalogue.

But why innovative? Hangable Auto Bulb was in fact Richard's first flutter in breaks driven rhythm experimentation, mixing this speed dynamic with his style of electronic composition and morphing it into something entirely alien. This pioneering sound is one which many now find synonymous with Aphex Twin, defined by the landmark Richard D. James album, even though Hangable Auto Bulb parts 1 and 2 were the first to introduce it. The rest is musical history.

Perhaps because these EPs were of such an experimental nature did Richard resort to his lesser known moniker, AFX, a title which he generally applies to his limited works.
Amongst the frenetic drum breaks, discordant voices of schoolchildren are heard recounting daily issues up and down the country. Amongst them a lone voice complains of his teacher making him eat a giant bowl of mash potato and a little lady playing housewife, mocks her husband's demands.

To mark the 10 year anniversary since the first airing of Hangable Auto Bulb volumes 1 and 2, Warp records will now release it to the general public. But for those who have already purchased the vinyl original for plenty of pounds, fear not, this release which combines both works to make an album, is CD only.