Terminator Star's Bipolar Childhood

  • 18 November 2004

THE TERMINATOR star [Linda Hamilton](http://www.contactmusic.com/linda-hamilton) fears being an identical twin exacerbated her bipolar problems.

The actress, who was diagnosed a manic depressive a decade ago, admits she grew up doing crazy things to herself - and realises she only did them to make sure she didn't look like her sister.

She recalls, "My sister would curl her beautiful hair. I would cut mine. Someone once asked me on the school bus if my eyelashes were false because I had such long, thick eyelashes, so, dammit all, if I didn't go home and cut them off.

"I would sneak out of the house to the grocery store and take babysitting money and buy myself a box of doughnuts and a bag of Fritos. I got up to 170 pounds."

Hamilton admits her bipolar problems didn't just effect her: "My parents found me beating a puppy with a stick when I was five... My whole childhood was lost to me."

18/11/2004 08:59