Linda Hamilton Pleads For Marine Corps Ball Invite

  • 20 July 2011

Actress Linda Hamilton has pleaded with a U.S. Marine to invite her to an upcoming military ball after Betty White turned down his offer.
Sergeant Ray Lewis became the latest military man to invite a celebrity as a date after asking the ageing Golden Girls star to the Marine Corps Ball in November (11) in a video posted online over the weekend (16-17Jul11).
Unlike Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, who have both accepted invites to attend other military balls, White turned down the offer due to scheduling conflicts.
But now The Terminator star Hamilton has reached out to Sgt. Lewis, suggesting she goes as his date in the absence of White.
In her own video, 54-year-old Hamilton, who is wearing dark glasses to cover her eyes from "crying all night long", says, "Rumour has it that you like your actresses vintage... It was just a terrible night thinking about you, and the situation, and then Betty called and I talked to her for hours and I know she feels terrible.
"I know that I am no Betty White, but I would be really, really thrilled if you can't find anyone else to go to the ball with you, I could go. I'm only half as mature as she is, wink wink, but I am twice as funny, so I think that works out!"