Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan has sparked riots on the streets on Bombay, India, in a row over the city's immigrant population. Bachchan's decision to fund a girls school in his home state of Uttar Pradesh in North India rather than helping Bombay-based project has been branded "disloyal" by a local politician, whose supporters then went on the rampage. The star's home was pelted with bottles while north Indian rickshaw drivers had their vehicles burned by gangs angered that workers from other states come to the city to find employment. Street sellers as well as shops and cinemas showing north Indian films also came under attack with police across the state of Maharashtra - which surrounds Bombay - suspending leave in a bid to tackle the unrest. Raj Thackeray, the politician whose attack on Bachchan triggered the violent outbursts, defended the actions of his supporters. He says, "The violence was a spontaneous reaction of local Maharashtrians who, for a long time, have been sick and tired of these migrants who come here and ruin the local culture."