Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan was pronounced clinically dead following an injury on a film set in 1982.
The star was shooting a fight scene in Coolie, when he fell on a table and ruptured his spleen.
He was rushed to hospital in Bangalore, India, and underwent emergency surgery, but was left in a coma and doctors declared him clinically dead for two minutes.
After coming out of the coma, Bachchan decided to celebrate the date, 2 August (82), as his second birthday.
He tells The Times of India: "Medical facilities in Bangalore were not that proficient at that time; of course now they are brilliant. I had to go through another immediate surgery and it was that surgery that I didn't come out of.
"I was in a coma and clinically dead for a couple of minutes. When I came out of it, they felt it was a kind of rebirth and wanted to celebrate as my second birthday.
"My respondents (online) who are now my extended family keep asking about (the injury) and I said, 'Yes, one day I'll tell you all the details about what happened that day'. Most of it is unpleasant so I don't want to destroy their peace of mind."