Cheeky American Pie star Seann William Scott turned his brother into a laughing stock on U.S. national TV on Tuesday night (10Jun08) when he recounted his sibling's sexual history during an appearance on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE!
The actor told Kimmel he had upset his brother Dave by telling the host he had had "sexual relations" with a porn star called Bridget The Midget on his last appearance on the show.
But he was remorseless as he staged a mocking apology.
Scott smirked, "I just want to say that Dave William Scott, who lives in Ramona, California - my brother - I promised you that I would never talk on national television about the fact that you had sexual relations with that little person porn star, Bridget The Midget.
"I will never talk about it again, Dave William Scott of Ramona, California. Nor will I ever say anything about how I watched you have sex with that girl in fifth grade every day for a year while I was in second grade."
The smiling star ended his `apology' by putting two thumbs up to the camera and saying, "I love you bro."
Scott admits the original prank was a big hit among his family and friends, but his mother was horrified.
He reveals, "She hasn't talked to me since and I actually told her not to watch the show because I said, 'I'm gonna talk about it again.'"