American Pie star Jason Biggs has given up hope of finding a lasting TV role after a series of small screen disappointments.
The actor's most recent TV job in sitcom Mad Love ended when the show was cancelled last year (11), and now Biggs is beginning to feel he should stick to theatre and movie work.
He tells, "I was fired from (U.S. TV soap) As The World Turns when I was 15 years old. This makes it an easier pill to swallow, because it wasn't about me or my performance, but 'storyline issues'. They basically phased out my character in my storyline.
"I was also fired from a TV show called Drexell's Class in 1991. I did 13 episodes and then the show was cancelled right after I was fired!
"Then I was foolish enough to go and do another TV series last year which got cancelled after 13 episodes, called Mad Love. Screw it, I'm not doing TV anymore!"
Biggs admits his luck ran out as a child star in TV commercials too: "I actually was downgraded once from a Campbell's soup commercial. I had a line and they cut my line out.
"It was me and Sarah Michelle Gellar and we were dancing together. We were both maybe 10, or something, dancing at a school dance and they just kept her line and you could barely see me, so I got cut basically!"