The 40-year-old actor was doing a play with Chris in London, England, when they decided to go out for dinner one evening. The meal became somewhat rowdy after several drinks, and as they got in the elevator to exit the restaurant, they met a British man who accused them of having fake American accents.

This angered Chris, according to Freddie, with the American Pie actor then chasing the man down the path to exact his revenge.

"We went out a different way but it happened to be on the same path as one that went down the Thames," Freddie admitted during an interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday (07Jun16). "Chris had on sneakers, I had on nice shoes, so he was faster that day! And he ran down the boardwalk, grabs this guy and by the time I catch up to him he’s shaking him going 'Say I have a fake accent now!' The guy was screaming, his girlfriend was like, ‘Oh my God, what are you doing?’ "

At that point during the interview, Freddie stopped to apologise for finally naming Chris as the man in the tale, which he details in his new book Back to the Kitchen, telling him: "I'm so sorry Chris, I love you brother."

Freddie then continued with his story, explaining that the situation took a dramatic turn when a drunken Chris opted to "launch" the man into the River Thames.

"The guy is in the air long enough before he hits the river that I can hear this poor b****rd scream, ‘Noooooooooo’, splash! Into the river! It’s winter time too!" the actor giggled.

Freddie then decided to lend a hand to the very wet victim, but ended up getting drenched himself.

"I was dressed nice, I had good shoes, I had an Armani jacket, I was feeling good," he laughed. "Now I’m wet, dirty, mad, I pull this guy out and now I’m mad at him… I was drunk too but I was like, ‘You had to say he had a fake accent you dumb son of a b***h!’ "

Luckily the man wasn't injured in the altercation, and "went on his way" shortly after being fished out of the river by Freddie, who concluded his tale by saying: "Chris and I had a long talk on the way home!"