Even with its Tuesday and Wednesday editions of American Idol averaging more than 25 million viewers, Fox was unable to walk away with another weekly victory in the ratings. Rising out of the ashes of the recent writers' strike, CBS came roaring back with a new episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on Thursday drawing 20.6 million viewers. In fact, six of the top ten shows of the week aired on CBS. The four exceptions: the two Idol episodes and two editions of ABC's Dancing With the Stars. CBS averaged a 7.2 rating and a 12 share for the week, well ahead of Fox, which scored a 5.9/10. ABC finished third with a 4.9/8, while NBC trailed with a 4.2/7.

The top ten shows of the week according to Nielsen Research:
1. American Idol (Wednesday), Fox, 14.8/22; 2. American Idol (Tuesday), Fox, 14.7/23; 3. Dancing With The Stars (Monday), ABC, 13.0/20; 4. CSI: Crime Scene Investi gation, CBS, 12.4/20; 5. Dancing With the Stars (Tuesday), ABC, 11.1/17; 6. CSI: Miami, CBS, 10.1/16; 7. Without a Trace, CBS, 9.7/17; 8. CSI: Miami (Tuesday), CBS, 9.1/15; 9. NCAA Basketball Championships (Saturday), CBS, 8 .8/16; 9. Two and a Half Men, CBS, 8.8/13.