Following numerous reports of a power struggle between Simon Fuller, who heads 19 Entertainment, the company that produces American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance , and Robert F.X. Sillerman, 19 Entertainment's corporate parent, the two men announced Wednesday that they had concluded a new deal that leaves each of them in their current positions. Several reports indicated that it calls for Fuller to leave the business operations of his production company in the hands of CKX and Sillerman and to leave the CKX board. He will, however, "provide general consulting services" to it, according to a company statement. In addition, it said, Fuller plans to launch a new entertainment company in which CKX will be an investor. The name of the company and what it intends to do were not disclosed in the statement. However, Sillerman said in the statement that the deal will allow Fuller freedom "to focus his creative energy on developing new ideas and projects and that CKX has the opportunity to invest in his new business."