American Idol host Ryan Seacrest has launched a stinging attack on the talent show's sharp-tongued judge Simon Cowell, labelling him "arrogant" and "pompous".

Seacrest believes his colleague on the hit TV contest treats wannabe pop stars cruelly when he criticises their performances and risks destroying their dreams with his spiteful remarks.

However, Ryan - who is a close friend of the music mogul - applauds Cowell for being more honest then fellow judges Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson.

He says, "I think that he's pompous. I think that he's arrogant. So my feelings about him, and the way that I address him on air, are very real.

"I think he says things that are at times a bit too harsh and could probably convey them in a different light so that they don't crush a young person's dream."

17/06/2004 13:26