The Screen Actors Guild and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers met for a second day of talks until 10 00 p.m. Wednesday, then called an unscheduled third day of bargaining for today (Thursday). Both sides have agreed not to discuss the negotiations with the press until they conclude but the fact that they had decided to continue their talks for a third day was regarded as a positive sign of progress. The negotiators on Wednesday were met by opposing picketers. One group, Back to Work, composed mostly of studio technicians, urged the two sides to finalize a deal, while another group, supporters of SAG's Membership First faction, protested that the current SAG negotiating team was selling out its members. Both groups were relatively small. Meanwhile, the Writers Guild of America West deployed 150-200 pickets at CBS's studios, where FremantleMedia's American Idol was being taped. The guild wants Fremantle to sign a standard contract covering the writers of its game and reality shows; Fremantle claims that it does not employ writers on all of its shows.