Rosie O'Donnell has taken aim at a new target -- two of the judges on American Idol. Setting aside her feud with Donald Trump, O'Donnell expressed outrage over judge Simon Cowell's remark to one audition contestant on the talent show's premiere. On Tuesday night, Cowell told the contestant, Kenneth Briggs, "You look a little odd. The dancing is terrible. The singing was horrendous and you look like one of those creatures that live in the jungle with those massive eyes. What do they call them? 'Bush babies.'" On The View Friday, O'Donnell laid into Cowell. ""I don't think America likes to watch people be ridiculed, made fun of, and called ugly monkeys," O'Donnell said. Such remarks, she said, were utterly unacceptable. "Isn't that what America thinks is entertainment? To make fun of someone's physical appearance and then when they leave the room laugh hysterically at them? Three millionaires, one probably intoxicated." The final zinger was aimed at judge Paula Abdul, whose odd behavior of late has provided fodder for numerous gossip columnists and websites. On Saturday, Fox Entertainment President Peter Liguori defended Cowell, saying that contestants on the show "know what to expect. They have to appreciate the spirit in which that commentary is given." He denied that Cowell was growing more caustic in his comments. "This season has just been a continuation of what has been a very successful formula," he said. He also defended Abdul, saying that she may be showing stress after putting in long hours promoting the show. At the TV critics press tour in Pasadena, Abdul herself maintained, "I've never been drunk. I'm not under the influence of anything." And Cowell commented, "If [Briggs is] offended, then I apologize. I might never call anyone a bush baby again." He then quickly added, "If you don't want to hear that, don't show up [for the auditions]."