American Idol host Ryan Seacrest has a new project - he plans to film a sitcom with celebrity socialite Paris Hilton.
Seacrest is working with pal Hilton to come up with ideas for a new TV show for the star to appear in, and he believes the hotel heiress would be perfect in a primetime scripted series.
And Seacrest isn't going too far in search of inspiration - the show will be based on Hilton's lavish lifestyle.
He tells Access Hollywood, "Paris and I are developing a scripted series. And she wants to have fun with that. So I think that this is a very clever show.
"Paris is going to star in it. Paris is going to play a very clever and funny Paris Hilton. Some of things that she encounters are really interesting. And if we pepper in a little bit of script, I think it's going to be very funny."
Hilton is no stranger to TV work - she starred in several series of reality show The Simple Life with best pal Nicole Richie, and her latest show, Paris Hilton's My New BFF, is currently airing in the U.S.