Ousted American Idol contestant COREY CLARK has been defended for his 'hidden' arrest - by the very sister he was accused of beating.

Clark, 22, was booted off the popular talent search show earlier this month (APR03), when it emerged he had been arrested in the past for allegedly attacking his 15-year-old sibling ALICIA.

But Alicia insists her brother has done nothing wrong - stating his arrest came about because of an over-zealous neighbour.

She says, "We started arguing like every brother and sister would. The police would never have showed up if the lady wouldn't have called."

Corey continues, "The police came, they surveyed the situation. They wanted to take my sister away to juvenile hall and I was like, 'She's not leaving.'"

Corey spent a weekend in jail, before being released on $100 (GBP66) bail.

He adds, "Then we went to court, so I thought it was over and done with. They say that they kicked me off because I didn't tell them about the arrest. The whole reason I didn't tell them about the arrest was because, number one, I knew I didn't do anything, so they're trying to make it to be like I'm a liar."