Original American Idol runner-up Justin Guarini's debut album has been slated by the talent show's judge Randy Jackson.

Guarini released his eponymous album earlier this summer (03), but has failed to win the acclaim or sales currently enjoyed by the contest's victor Kelly Clarkson.

And now Jackson, who judges the TV contest's singing hopefuls alongside Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul, has a few harsh words to say about Guarini's efforts.

In his music review column for America's SAVOY magazine, he writes, "Jus, you know I'm here for you dawg, but I got to keep it real. I don't understand this CD or the lack of great songs. This project was just a miss by all involved.

"I don't think anyone knew what kind of record to make with American Idol's second runner-up from the first season. It has no direction, purpose, soul or hits. I am sure this is not quite what Justin would have wanted for his self-titled debut."

Giving the album a modest five out of 10, he adds, "Everyone who had a hand in this catastrophe, y'all really should rethink your jobs."

16/09/2003 09:20