Only a very few hit television shows go out on top, and it looks like American Idol is not going to be one of them. Although no one is talking about canceling the series, both the Wednesday performance episode and the Thursday results episode fell out of Nielsen's list of the ten most-watched television shows of the week for the first time since the series was launched.(The two episodes were tied for 13th place overall but wound up in ninth and tenth place among viewers 18-49.) Coming as something of a surprise, CBS's coverage of the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship on Saturday failed to make the No. 1 spot on the Nielsen list. It was edged out by the CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory. (In the 18-49 demo, the positions of the two shows were reversed.) NBC once again got a boost from its summer talent show The Voice, which placed seventh and tenth among total adults and third and five among the younger ones. Ratings for the evening newscasts continued to be blunted by Daylight Saving Time and relatively few compelling news events. NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams remained in the lead with 8.38 million viewers. ABC World News with Diane Sawyer placed second with 7.40 million viewers, while the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley trailed with 6.41 million. For the week overall, CBS led with an average 7.0 rating and an 11 share. ABC placed second with a 4.4/7. NBC came in third with a 3.3/5, edging out Fox with a 3.2/5.

The top ten shows of the week according to Nielsen Research:
1. The Big Bang Theory, CBS, 10.3/17; 2. NCAA Men's Basketball Championships (Syracuse vs. Michigan), CBS, 10.2/18; 3. 48th Annual ACM Awards, CBS, 9.2/15; 4. Person of Interest, CBS, 9.1/14; 5. Dancing With The Stars (Tuesday), ABC, 9.0/14; 5. (Tie) Dancing with the Stars (Monday), ABC, 9.0/14; 7. The Voice (Tuesday), NBC, 8.7/14; 8. CBS NCAA Basketball Bridge, CBS, 8.5/15; 8. (Tie) Two and a Half Men, CBS, 8.5/14; 10. The Voice, NBC, 7.9/12.