Fox may have scored the top two spots in the ratings with its unstoppable American Idol last week, but CBS continued to produce the most appealing shows overall -- including its telecast of the 51st edition of the Grammy Awards, which averaged 19.1 million viewers on Sunday night. Old mainstays like 60 Minutes, Two and a Half Men, NCIS, and CSI Miami , also placed high in the ratings -- as did a rerun of its new hit, The Mentalist. Meanwhile, NBC seemed to benefit little from all of the promos it aired for its programs during last week's Super Bowl telecast -- which, on its own, lifted the network to No. 1 in the rankings. It was back to last place, without a single show in the top 10.

The top ten shows of the week according to Nielsen Research 1. American Idol (Wednesday), Fox, 14.8/23; 2. American Idol (Tuesday), Fox, 14.7/22; 3. Grammy Awards , CBS, 11.2/18; 4. 60 Minutes, CBS, 10.4/17; 5. CSI Miami , CBS, 10.2/17; 6. Two and a Half Men , CBS, 10/15; 7. Grey's Anatomy , ABC, 9.8/15; 8. The Mentalist, CBS, 9/14; 9. House , Fox, 8.8/13; 10. Desperate Housewives , ABC, 8.6/13; 10. (Tie) NCIS, CBS, 8.6/13.