American Idol star Clay Aiken was left stunned when two pretty devotees asked him to sign their backs so they could get his signature tattooed on them. The Utah fans, PHOEBE and MARY, attended a record signing in Los Angeles earlier this week (beg25SEP06) and asked the INVISIBLE singer to sign their backs. The ladies then hit a tattoo parlour nearby and had Aiken's signature etched on them - while the ink was still drying. A flabbergasted Aiken met the girls again when he appeared on the JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE show on Tuesday night (26SEP06). After they showed off their new tattoos, the stunned singer said, "Oh my God. That is amazing. Thank you very much. Give me a hug." But Aiken was fully aware he'd be meeting his tattooed fans again and thrilled host Kimmel by lifting his trouser leg and showing off a fake tattoo of the comedian on his left ankle. He quipped, "I shaved my leg for you."