Fox TV apologized Wednesday for American Idol 's running eight minutes overtime on Tuesday, saying that "as with all live programming, there are unpredictable elements that affect running time." But Washington Post TV columnist Lisa de Moraes observed that the overrun may have prevented many persons who record the show on their DVRs from seeing the closing performance by Adam Lambert, which evoked a standing ovation from judge Simon Cowell, something that could have affected the vote. As de Moraes observed, "According to Nielsen stats, the difference between the number of people who watch Idol 's Tuesday show live and the number who watch later Tuesday via DVR is around 3 million. There are no stats that indicate how many of those 3 million watch Idol via DVR within two hours of the broadcast's conclusion and could therefore cast votes for contestants." On its American Idol website, Fox posted this message "DVR cut off? Wee what you missed for free!" and offered a video of Lambert's performance. Tuesday's Idol counted 21.99 million viewers; Wednesday's, 22.43 million.