COREY CLARK has applauded American Idol judge Paula Abdul for poking fun at his affair claims on satirical US TV show Saturday Night Live - because he insists her appearance proves he's not lying.

Clark stunned America last week (ends06MAY05) when he made his accusations against Abdul on TV, and now he insists the Idol judge's appearance on SNL was an admission of guilt.

In the skit, Abdul advised comedienne Amy Poehler (corr), who was playing the STRAIGHT UP singer-turned-TV star, to dress sexier so she could attract more contestants.

Clark says, "I was cracking up... It was good. She looked good too, while she was doing it.

"There's nothing been taken away from what I've said. It just shows more that she's accepting what's going on, instead of denying it. That should ring true with a few people."

11/05/2005 09:11