The American Idol franchise is already "conservatively" worth $2.5 billion, Advertising Age estimated in its current edition, while remarking that it is involved in numerous deals that could push the value of the franchise still higher for owner Fremantle Media. AdAge said the TV show alone brings in $500 million in ad revenue and additional revenue could come from plans to stream every episode of next season's Idol after it airs. McDonald's and MasterCard have already signed on as sponsors of the Internet version. In addition, said the trade publication, Idol chocolate bars, ice cream, Monopoly games, a theme park attraction, and a "Sims"-style video game are also in the works, many of them with sponsors' names attached. "There is an inordinate amount of extensions around the show," an unnamed executive at a major agency told AdAge. "Because the show has evolved, there are now more opportunities. That's where it starts to get sticky; you've got competitive issues."