In an upset so stunning that it sent bloggers to their keyboards complaining that the show must have been fixed, Kris Allen defeated Adam Lambert Wednesday to become the latest American Idol . Even Allen was shocked by the audience vote, saying, "Adam deserves this. I'm sorry, I don't even know what to feel right now. This is crazy." (Oddly, his fans voiced little jubilation over his victory on most of the entertainment blogs.) One hundred million votes were cast -- roughly four per viewer. In reporting the results, the Association Press commented, "Lambert's commanding vocal range and stage presence -- and the judges' lavish adoration -- at times turned Idol into The Adam Lambert Show, with the other contestants mere guests. But it turned out that Idol viewers could embrace a gifted performer like Lambert, one who sported black nail polish and bold self-assurance, only to a point." As for the Idol finale itself, which was watched by 27.7 million viewers, Robert Bianco wrote in USA Today "If you've ever wondered why a show that's a pop culture phenomenon has never managed to win the Emmy, perhaps it's because it routinely departs with a two-hour special that looks like it was modeled on The Simpsons Family Smile-Time Variety Hour ."