The wannabe pop star who has gone public with claims of a romance with American Idol judge Paula Abdul has refused to help the show's producers investigate the matter, because they treated him terribly when they kicked him off the programme.

Bitter COREY CLARK has stirred up a storm of controversy in America after telling news show PRIMETIME LIVE he romanced Abdul while he was a contestant on the show, adding she favoured him by coaching him and buying him performance attire.

Idol bosses have offered to investigate the matter, and have called on Clark to help them, but he insists he won't be helping the producers because they didn't help him when they kicked him off the second season of the show after discovering he'd assaulted his teenage sister and resisted arrest.

Clark says, "I don't have any interest in helping American Idol out whatsoever, because they haven't helped me out whatsoever. They made it very hard for me to do what I'm doing, which is my career."

In a statement released yesterday (05MAY05) American Idol publicists state, "We have concerns about the motives behind the news special, as much of it was filled with rumour, speculation and assertions from a disqualified contestant who admitted during the special to telling lies.

"Regardless, we are absolutely committed to the fairness of this competition and we take any accusation of this nature very seriously, no matter their source and we have already begun looking into this."

06/05/2005 02:41