Former American Idol star JENNIFER HUDSON is having the last laugh after earning rave reviews for her role in new movie musical DREAMGIRLS. The 25-year-old was axed from the TV singing contest after acid-tongued judge Simon Cowell claimed she was "out of her league", but she's impressed industry insiders so much with her performance in the movie, she's now achieved her dream of landing a record deal. She boasts, "Simon said to be that you only get one shot at the big time - but you know what Simon, I got shot number two. My motto is that if you can get through American Idol, you can get through anything. "Any time I am nervous about something I say that if I got through Idol I can get through anything. It helps me calm my nerves." After seeing Hudson perform on THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW, Cowell was forced to admit his mistake, saying, "I'd like to be the first to admit a massive dose of humble pie. That was extraordinary Jennifer and I feel very proud of you. "I feel we had a very small part in what's happened in your life - please thank me when you get your Oscar."