American Idol winner TAYLOR HICKS has defended negative comments he made about the TV show that gave him his big break. Hicks insists the derogatory words, recently published in Relix magazine, were misconstrued and taken out of context, and that he's "very grateful" to be part of the American Idol success. Earlier this year (06), the singer claimed the show was "fizzling out" and branded his Idol hit DO I MAKE YOU PROUD as simply "the show's single" which he was forced to record. But Hicks is now backtracking on his seemingly outspoken stance. He says, "I'm giving up my crown soon. That's what I meant. I'm just now learning about how the media can turn things around. "I'm very grateful to that show and we're like one big family. It was taken completely out of context. I will be watching next season on my tour bus. "I'm very thankful to have the opportunity to be on American Idol. It's a show that teaches a lot of young people about music and ties families together. I'm very grateful."