American Idol runner-up Justin Guarini has finally spoken out about claims he was unapologetic after jeopardising a young girl's life in a jet-ski accident in June (03).

Guarini, 24, was with American Idol victor Kelly Clarkson and five other friends when his jet-ski almost hit a five-year-old girl at Joe Pool Lake in Dallas, Texas, on 28 June (03).

Reports quickly surfaced that Guarini was behaving irresponsibly - even laughing - when his jet-ski ran onto the shore and encountered the near-miss.

And after two months of silence, Guarini explains, "I lost control of my jet-ski, and it was an accident that anyone could have had.

"There was a girl who was 15 feet away the whole time. I passed by her, and her father was understandably upset. I apologised profusely, and that was the end of the situation.

"The media were saying, 'He's facing jail time and thousands of dollars worth of fines!' I paid, like, a couple hundred bucks (dollars)."

And Guarini insists he was nothing but polite after the accident: "The father ended up thanking me for how well I handled the situation. I don't think he wouldn't done that if I was rude to him."

28/08/2003 08:56