American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino's father JOE BARRINO has slammed his daughter for turning her back on him after he propelled her into showbusiness.

Barrino insists his ex-wife DIANE destroyed the close relationship he once enjoyed with his daughter and complains that the Idol champion has cruelly cut him out of her life.

Speaking out in American tabloid GLOBE, Joe Barrino says, "I was the one who took her by the hand as a child and encouraged her singing.

"I was there from day one - until she became the American Idol - and now I don't even know where she is."

Fantasia's father claims he formed a group with his wife and kids when the wannabe American Idol was just a kid.

He recalls, "We did churches, auditoriums, civic centres - wherever we could find to carry out or musical ministry."

Barrino travelled to Los Angeles to support his daughter in the American Idol finals but says he felt shut out.

He adds, "Each time I saw her in California, it seemed I was being pushed further and further away.

"I just want to ask my daughter what happened and tell her I don't want money or to be bought off."

24/06/2004 09:16