American Idol victor Fantasia Barrino is already suffering the downside of fame, after being hit with accusations of diva behaviour.

The North Carolina native won the third season of the hit talent show in May (04) and, while she records her debut album with the likes of rapper MISSY ELLIOTT, she's already fighting off a slew of negative rumours which have surfaced.

She says, "I recently read a story in the paper about how I'm acting like a diva. It's not true. I'm not a diva, man!

"I laugh at that type of stuff and try not to let it bother me, but sometimes I think, 'What makes people say things like that?' It's crazy.

"I'm not high maintenance. You could put me in Motel 6 for all I care, as long as it has a bed and a bathroom so I can take a shower."

24/08/2004 09:25