American Idol judge/co-producer Simon Cowell has indicated he won't engage in a public battle with Rosie O'Donnell over her remarks on The View last week. O'Donnell had accused Cowell of "unacceptable" behavior when he criticized the appearance of one of the audition contestants. "I don't think America likes to watch people be ridiculed, made fun of, and called ugly monkeys," she remarked. Later, Cowell remarked that if contestants weren't prepared for such treatment, they shouldn't show up for the auditions. On Monday he told the online edition of TV Guide that O'Donnell's comments "smacked of, 'I'll have a go at Donald Trump -- good for ratings. That died down, so now I'll do American Idol.' Next week it will be, 'I don't like the dresses on Dancing With The Stars.'"