Infamous American Idol judge Simon Cowell launches his new dating game show this week (ends11JUL03) - but critics claim poor timing may cause the show to bomb.

CUPID premieres on American network CBS this Wednesday (09JUL03) in the midst of a summer of reality TV, and the danger for Cowell is that viewers bored of such shows won't give his programme a chance - but the British pop impresario is confident his show will be a success.

He says, "Regardless of the competition or the timing, if something is fundamentally good, it will work. If something is fundamentally bad, it won't. I don't think you could ever invent the perfect time slot for any show."

But television analyst MARC BERMAN believes Cupid will flop, adding, "I do not think it's going to be a hit show. There's just too many shows like this. There's nothing different about this show, there's no novelty to it."

07/07/2003 09:30