American Idol judge Simon Cowell has been blasted by veteran Scottish comedian Billy Connolly, who has labelled the sharp-tongued music mogul "slime".

The Last Samurai actor loathes the concept of reality TV in general, but is particularly affected by Cowell - because he's overcome by the urge to physically attack him every time he sees him on the show.

Billy, 60, says, "I think he's repulsive and I hate what he does. I want to just slap him. I'd love to give him a big b****-slap.

"He's so typical of the slime that's in control of rock 'n' roll. I hate what he does and I think the people on the programmes are complete s***.

"There's all these boy bands now and girlie bands trying to tell us they're good. I'll be the judge of that.

"These shows seem to be staffed with idiots who have no ideas. They steal somebody else's ideas and once someone gets an idea there's a million identical programmes.

"The accountants seem to have done it - it's game, set and match."

11/11/2003 13:48