American Idol judge Simon Cowell fears depression is round the corner - because things are going so well for him.

The acid-tongued music mogul has seen his public profile rise as dramatically as his bank balance in recent years, as he has become a national icon in both his native Britain and in America through his appearances on talent TV shows, Pop Idol and American Idol.

However, Cowell - fresh from signing a multi-million deal for a new round of Idol shows - fears his previously secret depressive streak will return any minute, because he feels he now has to live up to his new celebrity.

He explains, "I'm always nervous when things are expected to go well. It makes me wary. I've had a lot of exposure, which is very flattering, but I can't explain it, really.

"I have got a bit of a depressive streak. I go very quiet. I don't like putting a brave face on things. It lasts a few days, then I get over it."

13/08/2003 20:54